Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Here's an activity that really engages the whole brain!  It challenges students to play a piece of music with as few mistakes as possible while physically performing another task.  I used "Hot Cross Buns" on recorder.  My students (grades 3-5) played HCB for a review before attempting the task.  I asked my students then to stand on the perimeter of the carpet and remove their shoes.  I then took the shoes, and tossed them about the carpet so they were forced to maneuver among other students and other shoes.  Some shoes were tipped onto their side while others were upside down or right side up.  The goal of the activity is to find your shoes, put them on the right feet, and return to the perimeter-all while playing HCB over and over.  When we tried it for a second time, our goal was to play with fewer mistakes than we made the first time.  You can challenge your students by playing another familiar song.  The kids LOVED this I thought I'd write it down and share. :)

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