Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Product Details used from $3.93 on Amazon.com
Great book for a lesson on mi, re, do (or whatever your choice may be).  Here is a file folder game I made to reinforce it.

Let me know what you think!!!  Thanks!


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    1. Hi, Jennifer! I usually read the book to my students and have them sing click clack moo every time it occurs as you see it on the file folder (mrd, mrd, sfm, mrd). We use various instruments to imitate the typing sounds(which is a great addition using timbre), but we always sing the same melody when we get to click clack moo. So, I made this file folder game for an extra activity to reinforce mrd. They use the top portion to remind them how the melody goes, then they put the appropriate words on each line/space of the staff. The white velcro represents the spaces. I use the file folders as an activity to do when they are finished with a composition or whatever we are working on. It was a goal of mine to make some so that I'm not handing out worksheets or word searches when they are done with something. I also use it while I'm assessing individuals on a particular concept. Ideally, I'd like to have around 5-10 for each grade level with age appropriate activities inside. Thanks for your question!