Thursday, December 8, 2011


Now I know NEVER to throw away those plastic Easter Eggs!  My 4yr old daughter has been taking Suzuki Violin for over a year now and this is a great way for her to start learning rhythmic notation.  When put together correctly, she has all of the Twinkle Variations with the exception of Twinkle Theme.

I actually have them in a gallon size bag for her to take with her whenever I know she'll need to keep herself busy and quiet.  (church, dr.'s office, etc.)  I hope you like it! :) 


  1. This is great! I will be using this very soon!! Thank you.

  2. This is brilliant! I used this for rhythm reading with my kindergarteners this year. Quick question - when I used them, the permanent marker got smeared off from kids' sweaty fingers after a couple you have a solution to prevent that? Thanks again so much!!